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11-01-2012, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by DatsyukToZetterberg View Post
May I ask what team has Loungo played on in the same peroid..? Ah yes the Vancouver Canucks who have won back to back Presidents' Trophy (that's the best team in the regular season in case you didn't know), if you're going to say Howard is lower in the goalie Totem pole because of his team than Loungo surely has to be further down as well.

I would also argue that the wings would only move Howard for Loungo if Edler or something of similar overpayment was coming back to them. While Loungo will more than likely have a better career than Howard I don't care about what he did 10 years ago, or what he did 5 years ago. The truth is they have been almost identical stat wise the past 3 years, if it hadn't been for a midseason injury in which Howard rushed back from, he would have posted Vezina caliber numbers. With Howard being 5 years younger I don't think it's hard to see why it would take an overpayment for the wings to trade the better goalie while taking on a much worse contract.

2011-12 NHL 55 31 14 8 3162 127 1577 2.41 .919 5
2010-11 NHL 60 38 15 7 3590 126 1753 2.11 .928 4
2009-10 NHL 68 40 22 4 3899 167 1915 2.57 .913 4

2011-12 NHL 57 35 17 4 3360 119 1496 2.13 .920 6
2010-11 NHL 63 37 17 5 3615 168 1830 2.79 .908 2
2009-10 NHL 63 37 15 10 3740 141 1849 2.26 .924 3

Can you tell which goalie is which? Can you really tell that one is a top 10 goalie yet the other is only a top 15, or 20 goalie? Yes Howard had that down year in 10-11 but he absolutely stood on his head during the wings injury riddled months and unless you saw him play you don't know he kept us in games we didn't even belong in. Bringing playoffs into the picture we can see that Howard is a lot less volatile than Loungo but Howard has less of a sample size so it's pretty much a wash.

All in all while Loungo is certainly worth a solid package his best days are behind him, you almost certainly won't be getting anything of value from the Wings for him.
May I ask: Is Roberto Luongo a part of the Canucks? Was he not the starting goalie when both of those President's Trophies (why the condescending tone when describing it?) were won? Did he have a role in winning it?

So we have to add to a top goalie with a top dman in Edler Sorry but Luongo's value isn't THAT bad & if Edler was added you would be adding back too.

Also I can tell which goalie is which, Luongo is the one who doesn't put up a save % under .910 & hasn't put up below .910 sv% in a decade.

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