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Originally Posted by thedonger View Post
look at the pinned topics above. here's a start:
Originally Posted by opivy View Post
If you're just starting, focus on your knees and elbows, they'll hit hard. Personally, anything that covers them is good to go, find some used gear that doesn't smell rancid and buy it as cheap as you can, in novice hockey you're not going to be taking huge hits nor slapshots that will hurt you.

Spend your money in two places - 1. Skates, bad skates will ruin your experience completely and make it impossible to play. It's fine to go used but make sure they have ample ankle support, don't get "pond" skates. I honestly believe spending less than 150 for skates (new) is just wasted money. 2. Helmet (WITH CAGE, CAGE, CAGE, CAGE) Get a nice helmet, if you're starting you'll probably crack your head on the ice once or twice and it will save you, more importantly the cage - I witnessed a guy who'd played for 30 years get his face carved up by a first year player trying to swat a puck in the air with his stick. No matter how tough you are it hurts, you bleed, you may lose your vision, your teeth etc. Just put on a cage and if anyone runs their mouth just ignore them. Hockey is FULL of idiots who think they're cool - the subculture is one of the best and worst parts of hockey (See gongshow, as in the brand)

Anyhow, just my 2c - I run a beginner hockey program and I see more people buying 200 dollar sticks and 50 dollar skates, but you spend 100% of the time on the skates and <1% of the time with the puck.


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