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HF Hockey League - Season 2 - DAL COL PHX EDM Available to Active GMs

LEAGUE NAME: HF Hockey League
MY GAMERTAG: Canadiens94 (Habs GM)
Periods: 5 Minutes
Skill level: Superstar
Rules: All rules on
Playoffs: 5 games
Schedule: 2 Sims per week. First block MON 4am - FRI 4 am. Second block FRI 4am - MON 4am. Sim covers 2 weeks of in game schedule.

HF Hockey League is currently in our 2nd season and has a very stable core of GM's. Currently looking to find stable people to fill in our last GM spots.

League chatroom, always open @


MESSAGE FOR GAMES - Please message your opponents to setup games either on here or on the box. Let them know which days in the coming schedule you will be available and when not. It will make setting up games so much easier and avoid all the frustration.

- This rule must be followed no matter what or you will be removed from the league. If there is a disconnection in the game the two GM's are required to replay the game and and restore any lead and let time run down to match what it was in the disconnected game. If team was up 4-1 with 13min left in the 3rd then right away restore that 3 goal lead and let time tick til 13min left in the 3rd and go from there to finish the game. For anyone who doesn't know its LB + Select to pull your goalie in game.

DNF% v CPU - You do not finish % is monitored. Able to do so through the league members tab in game. Anyone above 0% will be first warned, removed from the league and allowed to rejoin to set it back to 0%, then if I see it above 0 again you will be removed for good. As we know EA servers suck so it's possible to disconnect legit against the computer. You will not get unlimited of these. They do happen so let me know if so, if you don't you don't get to claim that's what it was later. If it becomes apparent that you are doing this way too often (more than once is too often for me) then you will be removed.

ENABLE CPU - Done by going over one of your games in your current block and clicking A. Select ENABLE CPU and sim games vs my team. Nobody is allowed to play your CPU until the final hours of any block, this just allows a guy who has been waiting to play your CPU rather than have the game simmed and risk injury for you both as there is a much higher chance of injuries during sims. DNF% is monitored so you have no worry that they will cheat and quit til they get a win vs you. Also if anyone play your CPU before the last few hours of a block let me know and I will remove them. This is not going to be tolerated. There should be nothing but benefits to this change.

TRADES - Trades can be made at any time although EA only allows them to actually go through with each time I move to a new block of schedule. You can only trade draft picks 2 years out so the coming years draft and next thats it.

GOALIE STARTS - No goalie can start more than 75 games per season. This accounts for the lack of goalie fatigue in game. Whatever number of games a goalie starts over the 75 will be applied as a suspension to begin the playoffs or the regular season next year if the team doesn't make the playoffs. IE goalie starts 79 games if you make the playoffs he can't play first 4 or if you don't you have a starting goalie cap of 4 less for next year so 71 total.

*checked in during recent activity check

*Anaheim - GT armyBRUINSfan :::::::::: HF NathanHortonFan
*Boston - GT Ultimabren :::::::::: HF canucklehead506
*Buffalo - GT xX B I G Lund :::::::::: HF TheLund
*Calgary - GT Dupuis60
*Carolina - GT CLUMSY WAR PIG :::::::::: HF PhamJET
*Chicago - GT Artyom The Derp :::::::::: HF Elusive Derposaurus
Colorado -
*Columbus - GT Get the bozack :::::::::: HF sonetlumiere
Dallas -
*Detroit - GT PastirOfDisastr :::::::::: HF Pastir
Edmonton -
*Florida - GT Sovietsanta87 :::::::::: HF Sovietsanta87
*Los Angeles - GT SinfulCobraZ :::::::::: HF SinfulCobraZ
*Minnesota - GT BrownTown92 :::::::::: HF Sergei Berezin
*Montreal - GT Canadiens94 :::::::::: HF Souray44
*Nashville - GT bootsgaudet :::::::::: HF bootsgaudet
*New Jersey - GT mdiizz21
*NY Islanders - GT DefMars :::::::::: HF DefMars
*NY Rangers - GT noexult :::::::::: HF noexult
*Ottawa - GT Neppiauto :::::::::: HF HandsOfHelminen
*Philadelphia - GT xSCARFACE909x
Phoenix -
*Pittsburgh - GT jalapeno peppa :::::::::: HF PensBandwagonerNo272
*St. Louis - GT AoC Pyorala :::::::::: HF ShootnScore
*San Jose - GT ToeDrag55 :::::::::: HF robdicks
*Tampa Bay - GT Casanuda :::::::::: HF Coado
*Toronto - GT dimesquay :::::::::: HF dimes
*Vancouver - GT FIoaterr :::::::::: HF Claytoon
*Washington - GT Bullwine85 :::::::::: HF Bullwine85
*Winnipeg - GT Prime Time TV :::::::::: HF feasey123

All trades listed below in post #2

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