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Originally Posted by wgknestrick View Post
We aren't talking about giving him Malkin minutes are we? We are talking about giving him Kunitz like minutes around 16-17min/game (2nd line minutes). I don't understand the notion of his production declining with more minutes (his production is already high / minute). That rate is very unlikely to change. (hence, it's a rate).

He is not even close to playing at a normal game usage level. If he had been playing 20min/game, that is a valid argument for sure. There isn't much left in the tank for Malkin/Crosby with the minutes they get. 100% utilization.

Do you think TK is on the edge of being tired/fatigued playing only 14min/game? I also love the justification for never even "trying" to give him more ice time on a 2nd line. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. I'll fully come around at that point with my opinion of him. Until then..

It is hard to objectively look at his production and wonder WTF? Why doesn't this guy get more minutes, and why isn't he the default choice for our next top 6 winger? We should all appreciate TK for how good he is. He's been providing top 6 level scoring on our 3rd line.
I'll start with this: Stats are not everything. With any type of forecasting or modeling (whether it be financial or sports related) quantitative indicators are only part of the equation. Qualitative measure also need to be considered.

In this case, qualitative measurements are difficult to assess other than using the "eye test". To me, as I have mentioned, Kennedy does not have the hockey IQ to play with an elite level center. I have no problem trying him in the top 6 or giving him more minutes, I just don't believe that he has the ability to enhance either of our top 2 lines with Sid and Malkin at the helm. IMO, I believe he will disrupt chemistry and frustrate Sid and Geno.

Unfortunately, my beliefs can't be quantified other than to say I have seen TK on countless occasions carry the puck with his head down and miss perfect give and go opportunities to Sid. He doesn't play creatively enough to anticipate plays and know where to be. Maybe he needs more opportunity to develop that with Sid or Geno, or maybe the staff just doesn't think he's good enough.

As I mentioned yesterday, the puck HAS to go through Sid and Geno the majority of the time on offense. They are the catalysts. Kennedy seems to want to be that on the 3rd line. One of the things that makes him excel in a 3rd line role, IMO, is that he is willing to lug the puck and isn't afraid to fire the puck. That becomes a problem in a top 6 role because the more he is lugging the puck, the less Sid and Geno have the puck.

The difference between him and Duper, is that Duper thinks the game at a higher level and understands his role in the top 6. He makes smart passes and while he is known to chest snipe, he has learned where and when it is appropriate.

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