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11-01-2012, 02:21 PM
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Originally Posted by RedWings19405 View Post
He also is the guy with worse numbers in two of the last three years and significant baggage even if we can dump the retirement contract back on you at the end. Something would go back the other way for Edler, just not something you will think is awesome. The Wings don't need Luongo unless they lockout all year and Howard walks in free agency. That is the only way he makes sense.

Luongo is better than a lot of people are saying around here and his value would go back up with this retirement money ideas. On the flip side the Wings have a goalie that is very good, it doesn't make us good trade partners. It isn't the typical cornering you have got from a lot of fanbases trying to completely devalue Luongo. It is more people pointing out aside from the sophomore slump how good Howard has been. He was in the Vezina conversation before Kesler slashed his hand after the all-star game in early February.

You think Wings fans are slighting Luongo. I think you are slighting Howard.
The deal that makes sense would be Luongo (lifetime contract) + Edler (upcoming UFA) for Franzen (lifetime contract) + Howard (upcoming UFA). Although I wouldn't have any interest in that from a Canucks perspective.

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