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11-01-2012, 01:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Master Lok View Post
I suggest that you make it a bet and I'll take you up on it. IMO, no chance the oilers will move to Seattle when the lease runs out. Care to make it an avatar bet?
Two old time-ish posters who probably don't even know how to load an avatar are going to make a bet?

Heck, I don't even bother betting my fake 500.

You know, if it was just about anybody else I wouldn't even bother replying.

But...since it isn't...You're on, Masterien one.

However, If I win, I doubt you will have to suffer the avatar fate. if I win it means we all lose. If I win, I doubt I will have the heart to even say anything.

If I lose though, I will happily learn how to insert an avatar.

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