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Originally Posted by matt1396 View Post
Wow the NYRs GM says he is no longer interested in making the Nash trade two days after I post it, is that even allowed? Last time I checked when two GMs in real life agree to a trade and send it to the league one of the GMs can't change his mind and say no. Fuss what's your take on this? I've been screwed over once already and i really don't want to be again.
I'm not here to cause a scene. We were in a serious discussion regarding trading Nash. I've yet to confirm the trade in game or ANYWHERE on the boards. I've considered accepting the deal, but I can't afford to lose proably the 3rd/4th best player right now. Not in my teams current situation that I wish to continue to experiment with.

I have nothing against the value that was coming my way or you. In accordance to league rules, as seen below:

Whenever a trade between two GM's is made, i'll need the confirmation from both GM's prior to approving it. When i see that both GM's have approved, i will then look at the trade, decide if it is Legal and Confirm it. In this thread your trade will appear in one of three ways...

APPROVED: "Approved Trades" are confirmed by all GM's involved in the trade and also are in accordance to my Trade Rules

PENDING: "Pending Trades" are not yet confirmed by all GM's involved in the trade, and/or also have not yet been approved by myself

DENIED: "Denied Trades" are confirmed by all GM's involved, but are not in accordance to my Trade Rules. When a trade is DENIED i will inform both GM's and let them know why. Again, NO trade will be approved that does not follow my Trade Rules. Even my own, if you guys see that a trade of mine is not Legal, or if i approve/deny i trade when i shouldn't have let me know and i will fix it.
I'd consider our deal as PENDING, wouldn't you?

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