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11-01-2012, 02:27 PM
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Originally Posted by SUBdrewgANS View Post
i can see the argument to both sides, we obviously cant see the discussions through PM and even if we could, the evidence there shouldn't be able to be used. Only when both GMs make it public should the trade pass.. a PM is not public.

If NYR agreed to the trade through PM but not confirmed it on boards then it is still pending according to the league rules. No commitment is made until it is announced publicly. BY BOTH TEAMS

And I understand why Pitt would be upset if it was agreed to through PM but not confirmed on the boards, if this is the case than it is very sketchy on NYR part to have done such a thing. But it could have also been pre-maturely posted.

I would make sure and recommend to any teams trading that you both have a 100% agreement to the deal before announcing the trade.

Like Price posted above.. this will be interesting..
Stirring of the pot.. Rivalries.. I love it..
It was announced publicly and confirmed by PIT GM. I'll be honest, I told him he could post it in the trade thread. But I've yet to confirm it in-game or in any threads relating to the Bluth Company.

From what I know, both GM's have to reply to the deal and confirm it on the boards, which hasn't gotten my official seal of confirmation.

My intent was not to stir the pot or cause drama, but to really think this trade through.

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