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Originally Posted by SensibleGuy View Post
If the players as a group allow the cancellation of the entire season thinking that they can back the owners into a corner and get a better deal, they will have grossly, grossly mis-calculated. This is already only going to get worse for the players, but if they lose a whole season of their careers and a billion dollars in hrr they will never recoup that loss...they'd honestly be better off signing a deal that cut their salaries in half immediately.
I think this is exactly what the owners want. Bettman and the owners know the fans will come back no matter what happens. Look at what happened last time. The lockout didn't hurt the game at all. Lose a season, but save $50-60 million on payroll? Yes please! Have the players come back on their hands and knees and make them take even less than 50%? Sure, why not.

The fact that the owners don't even want to meet unless they get to dictate what's talked about in the negotiating room leads me to believe that they're fine with losing the season. There's no sense of urgency, and it's already November.

I'm actually rooting for the season to not even happen anymore, since the absence of hockey doesn't even hurt anymore. Jets get a better shot at getting a higher pick, leaves me more time to watch basketball and football, plus it saves me a ton of money by not having to attend Jets games. Hopefully people on the waiting list get sick of the whole thing and start dropping off too. I'd like to move up that list quicker.

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