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11-01-2012, 03:01 PM
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73 people here are foolish children.

There is a lot of great history here, as well as a lot of good infrastructure that has been laid down for what constitutes professional hockey in North America. There is some problematic labor negotiations going on for sure. But to imply that somehow 'scrapping everything and starting over', would be easy, or successful, is foolish.

The folding of the NHL would mean the death of hockey as a major sport in North America. Millions of fans would stop following the sport for good. Arenas would be repurposed for other events; and what owner would want to get involved in some mickey-mouse replacement league that would likely end as a failed experiment. This would be a loss of an important spiritual asset of your community. Not to mention the loss of jobs and the negative impact on the economy.

If you want a beer league, go to your local community club and watch a beer league. You probably have some romantic idea of it being some pure, good-ol-boys event without any fuss 'bout money n' contracts and stuff, just guys playin' for love' and some nonsense. And maybe it is. But I want the NHL.

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