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Originally Posted by Chip Alexander (@ice_chip)
Hearing breaking news that for the second time in just a couple weeks the Canes and Flames have pulled the trigger on a deal. Details to come when I hear 'em.
Originally Posted by Jim Rutherford
The Carolina Hurricanes would like to announce a press conference in about thirty minutes. You'll find out what it's for in thirty minutes, so please no questions at the moment, save them for half an hour.
Originally Posted by Chip Alexander (@ice_chip)
Deal confirmed

RW - Andreas Nodl
D - Joseph Corvo
2013 - CAR 2nd

D - Anton Babchuk
LW - Raitis Ivanans
2013 - CGY 3rd

Hurricanes reaquire defenseman Anton Babchuk Presser

JR - "We are proud to announce we've reached a deal with the Calgary Flames to reaquire defensman Anton Babchuk. I'll now take a few questions"

Reporter - "What prompted this move?"

JR - "A number of things I guess, we weren't getting the kind of production from Joe that we were hoping, and he came into my office the other day and mentioned he didn't feel he was the right fit for the 'Run N Gun' offense we're trying to put into place here. I asked him if there was anything we could do to make him feel more comfortable, he has been with us for a while after all. When he quietly responded "no." I knew we had to start looking at potential trade options."

Reporter - "Did he give you a list of teams? Or did you simply look for the best deal?"

JR - "He did indicate that Montréal would be his preffered destination, so he could play with Erik Cole again and we tried our best to accomodate him, but at the end of the day trade taks with them about a Corvo//Subban deal fell through."

Reporter - "So... You then inquired about Babchuk?"

JR - "Well, I'm on the phone with Edmonton and Calgary quite a bit. We seem to be frequent trade partners and get along well. I called Calgary first and Feaster and I hit it off, didn't bother calling Edmonton afterwards."

Reporter - "How did the trade talks develop? What finally sold you on this deal?"

JR - "Well, to your first point I asked who was available. They were keen on the idea of adding Corvo cause he's from North America and well over 30, two things you need to be in order to play for the Flames. Babchuk had become somewhat redundant in Calgary the last season or so. While he was fine with collecting his paychecks sitting in the press box while useing his no trade clause, something that all Flames must accept, he did kind of want to play again. And after we let Poni go, we felt like we needed a replacement Ukrainian, and Anton already knows the system. That's what eventually sold us I guess, to answer your second point."

Reporter - "What will Anton's role be with the Canes now?"

JR - "I'd better let Kirk respond to that point. Mr Muller."

Kirk - "I'd expect to start him with Jay (Harrison) on the third pair for the moment, our top 4 is pretty solid with Timmy, Mike, Joni and Justin. Plus I feel that him and Jay have the potential to form the most elite eight minute a game shut down pairing in league history."

Reporter - "What about the other players? How were they added, and how will they fit in?"

JR - "Well, Babchuk clearly is more valuable than Joe, so we needed to add, and a goal scoring winger who can play defense like Andreas was a valuable piece to add. The problem that arose was that it's a Calgary policy to always be at the max contract limit, so we needed to take a player back. The other problem is that they also can't draft, so none of their minor leaguers were appealing. We wound up settling on Raitis cause he was available, and brings a bit of size and fighting ability back with him. Care to elaborate Kirk?"

Kirk - "Well, we'll have to see with Ivanans, he probably won't be an every day player, but once in a while, when we need some extra grit in the lineup, he could crack it (the lineup). And who knows, our fourth line is a bit of an anomily at the moment, so if he plays hard and plays well he might be able to find a home on it."

JR - "Thanks Kirk, and the swapping of picks was more or less to just sweeten the pot for them a bit. I think we'll end this here, but expect to see Anton in action tommorrow nite against the Islanders. And we'll have to see what we have with Raitis, and he may make an appearance tommorrow or down the road, depending on how he preforms."

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