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11-01-2012, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by matt1396 View Post
not in my eyes, Fuss posted the trade as approved in the OP but maybe that was laziness on his part. If it is settled then I guess i'm going to be really pissed off because this is the 2nd time I've thought I had a player but I didn't end up getting him because something came up.
With the ammount of time i have put, and will continue to put into this league, i'd appreciate it if you stop accusing me of being lazy right here and now.

Originally Posted by Girafe View Post
Why is everybody so opinionated in this league?
I appreciate the feedback from all of the GMs in this league. Its never the deciding factor in any decision i have to make but it always factors into my decision making.

To the Point:

I've deleted the PM converseration i had with the GM when this happened the first time. But i do absolutely remember me telling him that unless a trade is Confirmed by BOTH GMs either in a PM to me or publically on the trade thread, it is not yet valid.

The trade was posted a few days ago in the trade thread because i was writing up and accepting multiple deals both on HF Boards and on NHL 13 and wanted to be sure i had the details down.. I've already lost track of 1 or 2 trades and havn't yet written them in the Confirmed Trades Post. The trade was prematurely recorded there for organizational purposes..which was my mistake. From this point on i'll only be putting trades there once they have been publically confirmed on HF Boards.

As far as the go, while he did weasel his way out of trade (which is a scummy thing to do), he did not publically confirm it which (as you know Matt) is the major prerequisite for my approval of a trade. Had he publically confirmed it, and then backed out, he'd either have to accept the trade or be removed from the league.

Trade is voided. Apologies on my end for whatever confusion my posting of the trade had. It wont happen again.

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