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Originally Posted by dave babych returns View Post
Sure, but the immediate payout is relatively low and the odds of the "lottery" are relatively high, I definitely respect the value of making that trade off from time to time but if it keeps up over time you are losing value overall.

To this point I wouldn't say I'm terribly unhappy with the choices Gillis has made, but if people want an explanation for why the Canucks prospect pool is filled with nobodies then this trade off is it.
Simple fact is that when youíre a contending team, you have to make these sorts of deals to maximize the depth on your NHL roster.

The thing I like that Gillis has done is that heís (generally) spent these picks on players who we were able to maintain under team control, as opposed to 20-game rentals. A 2nd-3rd rounder for 20 games from an average player isnít a great return. A 2nd-3rd rounder for 2-3 seasons from an average player is a great return.

Originally Posted by y2kcanucks View Post
I disagree with you about Corrado being a million miles away from being an NHLer. I think Corrado could be good enough to play at the NHL level beginning the 2013-14 season. He's currently one of the top d-men in the OHL right now. Gillis stipulated before sending Corrado to his OHL team this year that if the NHL resumes operations, Corrado is made available to the Canucks training camp. That tells you how highly Gillis thinks of him and his chances of making the Canucks relatively quickly.
Absolutely. Corrado is at a completely different level from guys like Sauve and Connauton when they came out of junior. To be able to walk into an AHL playoffs at age 18 and hold your own was exceptionally impressive.

Iíd be surprised if he isnít contending for an NHL spot at our 2013 training camp, and wouldnít have been utterly shocked if weíd kept him around this year. This player would be a first-rounder or (at worst) a high 2nd-rounder if that draft was re-done today. He looks like the real deal.


As for our drafting under Gillis, it still hasnít been nearly good enough. First-rounders look OK but Corrado is the only guy taken after that who really looks like a player. As Rodin and Sauve start to look more and more like busts the overall picture isnít great. Not overhauling our scouting staff (especially Delorme) is his biggest error to this point as GM.

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