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11-01-2012, 05:07 PM
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According tp some posters here, the Hawks stars can do no wrong. On the ice or off. I personally feel so sorry for Toews at under 25 years old is making millions but wants more.

Most of these players have lived largely sheltered lives, and can't relate to real economics, never mind to the complexities of owning an NHL team. Fehr just throws at them the fact that they will get less money if they sign too soon and that they already made huge sacrifices in 2005, and that is sufficient to sway them to his thinking. It is Fehr who is being selfish by refusing to set his ego aside in this losing battle. If this keeps up the Winter Classsic is gone hence another nail in the coffin of this NHL will season. It's ridiculous ... and naive players like Toews need to know who is pulling their strings and face reality. Fehr speaks a good game to the press but that's about it. He has nothing other than to wait it out. Surely some veteran will break rank, step forward and speak out against him. It won't be Jonny.

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