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11-01-2012, 05:27 PM
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Neither side is squeaky clean. There are obviously flaws in the philosophy of both the owners and the players. Each side is responsible for there being a lockout. Is it clear which side has more if any? No, but each side wants you to believe that the other side is the reason the fans are not getting their dose of hockey. The owners and the NHLPA are each being greedy. Does anyone want to ever sacrifice money? Absolutely not, but at some point, these millionaires and billionaires need to realize that at the end of the day, they are still ****ing rich. Meet in the middle on some things and just play for a little less than you wanted since you're still going to get paid handsomely. Oh, I'm sorry, owners that you aren't getting quite the percentage of revenue you'd like. It's a shame now you are still making millions of dollars. Same thing goes for the players. If you're making a little less money (which is a lot to normal people like me), you are still being paid nicely. And you're still getting paid! You get no income if there isn't hockey. Zero. Players and owners need to quit *****ing and using the media to pretend like it all falls on the other side that the arenas are empty. No, both are idiots and being greedy jerks and are being completely unreasonable. I always hear that "the other side must not want to play". Well, neither side really wants to play since they won't be realistic and look at the bigger picture and negotiate. I bet the monetary difference between what the players or owners would have lost if the other side "won" would be covered by now with the amount of money already lost with the 2012-13 games being canceled through the month of November. They are such idiots. Just give the fans a damn season. If you are a player, accept a sacrifice in some fashion and enjoy your nice city house, your lodge up in Canada, make your millions, and start making some hits, scoring some goals, blocking some shots, landing your punches, and win some games. If you are an owner, accept some sort of sacrifice and enjoy getting tens of millions of dollars stacked onto your hundreds of million of dollars and go back into the background. I just want to see the Hawks and the other 29 teams back on the ice. I hope the fans return as loyal as they did before.

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