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Originally Posted by Hank4Hart View Post
how in the world do you go from a set of no break reeboks to a set of double break vaughns?!!?!

i use single break reeboks now, i dont think i could go back to vaughn...

i ll snap up a full picture of my gears once my used vaughn 7600 set (which i probably will sell after) and my itech 960 shows up at my door!

oh yeah... regarding the bauer total ones that have been breaking... thats a prime example of why bauer should stick to making player gears and stay out of the goalie gear business haha
The reeboks were no outer break, 2 internal breaks. Really stiff pads, were my first pads i've ever played in. Chose the vaughns from reviews based on the flexibility and ease of movemnt that alot of Vaughn users swear by. Haven't been dissapointed at all, i've actually thrived off of the change.

Though, The double break does very little for me since I keep the nylon straps really loose. They don't curve much with my leg. I've got enough hip flexibility to make it work. I think for my next pad I'll be looking into the Warrior line.

Single break, alot of bootflex and knee rolls are so far the major requirements that I've settled on.

Edit: An old video from early this year. I've improved considerably since this video, but this was about the 1 year mark in regards to my length of time playing in net.

Was our first win of the season.

Double Edit: jesus, I look shaky there. Look at that slouched butterfly

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