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Nick Lidstrom, at least in how I approach the game. I'm not a big guy (5'9", 130 soaking wet), so I have to play a smart game, positionally, and have good hands. My teammates often comment that I'm always in the right place, that I seem to have a sort of sixth sense for getting my stick into a passing lane just in time. I will join the rush in some situations, but rarely more than 3-4 times per game; I'm usually the guy making a good move and a good breakout pass to transition, or backing up my partner as he pinches to hold the puck in. I'm pretty good at holding the zone; I've had opposing players tell me jokingly that they'd appreciate it if I'd let them clear a puck once in a while.

The only thing I'm really missing as a defensive player is a good slapshot; if I get it right it's ok (low, flat, and just inside the post), but more often than not I miss the net entirely. I don't have a lot of chances to practice slapshots. I'm thinking about getting some plexiglass or something to use as a shooting pad so I can practice them more.

Originally Posted by Sock
Am I the only guy who blocks shots on a casual level? You guys have any shot blockers in your rec leagues?
I block shots all the time; I wish my league kept those stats. I very rarely lay down in front of them, but I've taken plenty off the shins etc. Took one right off the cup a few weeks ago. I wear a full cage, though; I'm not really interested in getting hurt.

Shot blocking in general is pretty common in my league. Not full-on laying down in front of shots, but getting in the way with shins and sticks. I actually did see someone lay down in front of a shot a week or so ago to preserve a 1-goal lead at the end of the game, though.

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