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Originally Posted by SUBdrewgANS View Post
once im set in the offensive zone, I can control it pretty well.. its just the snipe shots and the dekes at the blue line and right infront of the goal i can't pull off that everyone else does so well
Im telling you go to the shooting drill. pretend the joystick is like a crosshair. When your aiming for top left, you dont want to put our joystick dead inbetween the left crosshair and the top crosshair you want to put it RIGHT about where the left crosshair would be, same with the bottom corner. If that makes any sense. Like 30 minutes in the shooting drill you'll see what im talking about. I do the same thing in game though. I ALWAYS shoot wide or not where i want beucause i just figure thats where it should be for the corner, but its not the case.

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