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Originally Posted by AngryManBearPig View Post
I no longer bother with JMS, the way it was being run I no longer had interest. I originally started out with JMS, level 1 now level 5, oh good for me when I first got into hockey a few years back and it was great for someone starting out so I can see how it would fit the bill for newer skaters just wanting to try out the sport without committing to a whole season.

I have also played in the HockeyFinder league on wednesday nights and although I enjoyed it more for the fact that it was an actual league. There are a few goons that were skating in the Upper Level running around looking for fights which was a turn off as well.

IMO if you can find a group of guys or gals that skate the same time every week just stick with that.
That is where I am at, basically. While I am not progressing as fast as I want to due to my disability, I am still above where I ever thought I could get to...

JMS was great to get started. However, I cannot get a single captain to pay enough attention to me to move me up a level. The sessions last spring, i was already the fastest skater in the level 1 games, i already knew the positions, and could carry the puck.

Then, for the spring league through Hockey Finder, I started skating more and more, including going through the novice skills clinic up at the Super Rink. That helped me learn what I needed to work on, but didn't really help me build the skills during the sessions. Tad is a bit fast in his explanations and just expects you to get it right away.

For the summer, I was captaining the Hockey Finder equivalent of a "level 2" or a lower level community skate. In doing this, i basically helped a D2 team organize their weekly scrimmages. They would all sign up on one side and I would get people together for the other side. Frankly, that was an awesome learning experience.

Fall league through Hockey Finder started and due to my health, I felt like I had a couple of really bad games. Then, after sort of getting on the soap box about how we needed to have our better skaters on D, I ended up on D. The goal was to pair someone that was a "slower skater" with someone much faster. Yeah, it isn't the glamour of a forward or an offensive D-man, but that game, I was the Greg Zanon of our side. I think I blocked like four or five rather strong shots, stripped the puck away from their forwards constantly and spent the majority of the time looking for forwards to pass the puck to. When they weren't available, I would bank it off the wall so that it would either go in on goal, or not enough juice on it for an icing.

Then... Something clicked. I don't know if you guys have had that experience or not, but one of the 2-3 level pick up games, I suddenly realized that I wasn't actually having to tell my feet what to do.

(side note; i have a degenerative muscle disease where I have to consciously tell my muscles what to do...)

Then, the next league night, I started being able to skate backwards with confidence, but not true speed, shifted and turned directions pretty cleanly. Sure, I am still not the fastest skater nor the most skilled, but I'm more *confident*.

The hockey finder lower level community game at the X? I felt like I could keep up with most everyone out there. I made a damned nice pass from the boards, through the legs and skates of three opponents, right onto the tape of one of my teammates. Shocked the hell out of him and he whiffed on the shot. Then, very next shift, I did the same thing to the same guy and he buried it.

So then, i thought... may as well go to the level 1 JMS skate and ask to be eval'd up. I did. I went. The captain was a normal Level 3 guy. He rushed the puck up himself 6 times. I was on the ice against him 4 of those times. I kept up with him and paced him and pushed him to the outside every single time. Out of those 4, I took the puck from him twice, even.

So after the game, i asked if he could move me up to Level 2.

His response; "I'm sorry, I wasn't watching you..."

W. T. F.

A friend of mine, also wanting to move up to level 2, said; "Dude, he was the only one that kept up with you all night!" The captain was like... "Oh. Still, I can't move you up yet, I have to watch you again."

I can either go to a Hockey Finder levels 2-3 game, feel like I'm one of the slower skaters, but be challenged the entire game... Or I can go back to the JMS Level 1 game and be bored stiff and feel bad when *I* can dangle around the noobs?

Tough call.

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