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11-01-2012, 07:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Sam Slick View Post
All these players going overseas are stealing other players jobs that have families. Its sickening. They don't care who got booted of the team because a NHL star was coming. Mars Svenson lost his spot. THe guy makes minimum and has 3 kids and a wife.

Eff the greedy players
Seriously these guys are crying hard times that they need a bigger piece of the pie when in reality most of them could retire after a year or 2 at the most.They couldn't care less about Mars Svenson or the guy selling hot dogs ,or the rink workers or the fans or anyone else but their spoiled greedy behinds.Bring on the replacements.It may not be the greatest to watch for a couple of years but with a new reasonable system in place it would be all worth it in the long run.

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