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11-01-2012, 08:11 PM
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Originally Posted by dcyhabs View Post
The players give their health to the game. Many have trouble walking by the time they are done, lots of permanent aches and pains, to say nothing of those with persistent concussion problems (I know someone who had concussion issues (not from hockey), he did all sorts of stuff to try to get the problems to go away, got most of his teeth removed, got his skull cut open and filled with grease, got some nerves cut leading to partial facial paralysis, the millions of dollars may help but I suspect there are many players who would give back the money in a second if they could get reasonable health).

Most of the owners put up a fraction of the money to buy the franchise, pay for a fraction of the losses, and, eventually cash in when they sell.

I have little sympathy for owners in crappy markets. They should have done their research and they are hurting the game.

I have limited sympathy with the players but none at all for the owners. Remember Gillette? Everyone liked him and he pretty much came in and sucked money out of the team. Once you have a few million you have to be an absolute moron not to be able to get more. Well, or an uneducated ex-athelete or lottery winner. A lot of those people end up in the street 5 years after their last big paycheck... Good for Cole to work at not being one of them.
I agree with a lot of your post except the bolded part. Well I agree with that too but don't care. I am a roofer/construction worker. My knees and back are nearly shot. Wheres my millions? There are far worse of people out there than me too. My sister looks after a guy with MS. That guy wishes he could walk, let alone make millions playing a game. Um, look at the guys who put their life and health on the line for real. In an upside down world does a guy playing a game earn millions more than a firefighter, police officer or a soldier.

It must be sickening to all those families to have to listen to news and sports shows about this when they just lost their son or daughter in the line of these rich sucks can do this.

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