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Originally Posted by dcyhabs View Post
Sure, but how many of these people are among the top thousand in the world at what they do? We'll never know and those top construction workers and miners are hugely underpaid, but 99.9% of construction workers are even with 99.9% of hockey players; it's only a few hundred hockey players who make much money.

There aren't many fields where you can tell statistically that your employees are the best in the world at what they do. Not many fields that look for the best, either, most look for cheap people in Asia to do shoddy work.

I'm not saying the players are right, but I'm saying the owners are wrong.

I think the conflict illustrates that the whole union structure in North America is messed up, too. In Germany, Japan, other Western European countries, there is a framework for negotiation that allows for compromise. In North America you get nothing but escalating conflicts where neither side wants to back down even though it's obvious that a compromise would be best for everyone. Consequences of constant union-busting...
I suspect your point is valid about traditional labour unions. But I don't see
many similarities between NHLPA and a labour union. Labour unions were
built around the idea that, everyone gets a fair wage or everyone will walk
off the job, and nobody should replace them. The NHLPA's ideal position
is that everyone negotiates his own wage.

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