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11-01-2012, 09:20 PM
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Originally Posted by MaxPac67 View Post
Football will always be tops, for Good reason, it's a really great sport!, there's no doubt! I watch a lot of USA Sports News, You never see Hockey, seems to be a pecking order... Football-Basketball-Baseball- Nascar--Golf-Tennis...... Sure Hockey is way up in Cities like Boston, but that's just 1 USA City.

I'm worried about Fehr, he already helped destroy baseball in Montreal.. he might be asking for too much! The Players hired the guy to be tough, but they have to be realistic also!
Fehr didn't destroy Baseball in Montreal. It was a couple of the rich owners (Steinbrenner and Angelos) who bailed on the other owners on the eve of a season that was to begin with scabs. Steinbrenner and Angelos didn't want to see a massive hit to their revenues and broke the solidarity by deciding last minute to go with MLB players. The Expos who had given up the most in that strike (highest ticket sales in years and big time playoff revenues) were then forced to hold a fire-sale and never recovered.

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