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Originally Posted by tujague View Post
I've finished 4th in soccer, and I'm kinda happy about that. Maybe I shouldn't be but I amI had a pretty dismal season early on. I was in 11th place after 19 games. But an unreal 16-4-2 run to close out the season helped fix that I even came very close to 3rd, but was stomped 0-3 against the Headerz. If I could have won that one... so close.
Congrats on taking home fourth place. You finished ahead of some good teams, such as the Betamax and Wildcats. That's pretty good, especially when you consider you currently don't have anyone on the team of the season.

I'll finish in 2nd, with the last game essentially being an exhibition against the Coronas. The rational part of me wants to go ahead and start my first training camp of the season. The gamer in me wants to protect my OTR lead. I may also break up a bit of my core, although that may depend on if I'm able to land any players this weekend. I need to re-evaluate my prospects as well and see who to jettison as well. With 37 players, I'm currently paying about 675k in player salaries and 236k in fees.

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