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11-01-2012, 10:28 PM
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The forward "positions" aren't really set apart from faceoffs.

In defensive face-offs you should consider yourself first forward back and cover the low zone supporting the puck / containing the open opposing forward while your wingers go to their points.

However this can change when back checking if you are not the first forward back you'll want to cover your winger's point (the first one to your defensive end) while he plays low.

note: talk to your teammates about this though as you don't want them to think they shouldn't be going deep if they are the first forward back. and talk on ice if you guys are about even while racing back let them know which man you have and point out any open "trailers" (opponents coming in late looking for a bounce or drop) or where they should cover their point.

Offense and neutral zones again depend on where you've been shuffled to.

During Break out as the deepest forward in your zone most of the time you'd want to support the puck carrier.

Give your winger a short pass option in a different line than the far side winger (dont be in between them in a line).

Generally you'll be skating up in line with the near side faceoff dots trailing the puck carrier by only a couples steps just enough so if he gets jammed against the boards by a pinching dman you are able to help dig it out or cut off lanes in a turnover (as you'll be between the puck and your net).

Offensively only tips I can think of
-you might have a better view than your winger many times and because of that be vocal
-give your wingers a secondary passing option don't stay in a lane between your other 2 forwards as that will make it easy for a defender to cut both of you guys off from the play.

This applies to all 3 forwards but again you'll be a little more likely to be seeing the play rather than carrying a puck in the thick of it.

Best tip I can give you is during a faceoff make sure you are tying up the opposing centre and staying on him in the neutral or your defensive zone for the first steps (between him and the net stick on stick) as if he steps around you while everyone else picks up their man your opponents will probably end up with a scoring chance.

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