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Originally Posted by wgknestrick View Post
Hard to put "awful" in the same sentence as a player who can score more 5v5 points in a given amount of time then the players below.

Niklas Backstrom
Bobby Ryan
E Staal
OK let's end this because at this point you've made it an absurdity: if you could snap your fingers and swap Tyler Kennedy (assuming salary is not an issue with the new cap) for any one of these players... you would do it?? I mean after all "he can score more points 5v5 in a given amount of time" than any of them. Statistical analysis gone haywire. Forest status: lost among the trees. No offense man, but common.

Because the implication and comparison you've made suggests that you think Kennedy is just as valuable as those guys (as an offensive player) and thus should get the same respect from us.

So if you say "yes", then we have to discard your comparison as thread drama. In that case, you don't actually believe your own BS (but at least you're hockey-sane).

If you say "no", you're pretty much insane because every one of those guys, including older guys like Jagr and Selanne, would be more valuable to this team in every situation than Tyler Kennedy. They would produce more clutch goals, create more match-up problems and generally create more wins with their good play. 100% those guys have more hockey IQ and skill in their pinky toe than Tyler Kennedy has in his entire body, and will ever have.

I know people are going nuts with these sabremetrics and statistical analysis of the month, but Jesus, don't let it kill your common sense / what your eyes see on the ice. Tyler Kennedy himself would not favorably compare his abilities to those guys.

Tyler Kennedy is literally a third rate player compared to every single one of those guys. There's a big group of players better than him and still not as good as the guys you mention.

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