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11-02-2012, 12:51 AM
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Originally Posted by 76ftw View Post
So remember, if you have less money, don't even bother trying, just accept that the richer people will always get their way.
Thing is, would cole get that contract in europe? probably not. We talk about a market for players but NHL is the only one who can pay them that type of money(for everyone).

In real life situations if company A doesn't pay you, company B just might. In the NHL's situation, NHL doesn't pay you and not one else will give you that type of money.

In cases like these it's no surprise owners have that type of power. There is no alternatives. Take it or leave it or go play elsewhere for less money.

Being a professional athlete isn't an easy job but its also a luxury, a blessing to be at that level. Fact of the matter is players are right to feel wronged, but their stupid to believe the money they have is actual market value. As far as i'm concerned the ONLY market which pays players that much for hockey is the NHL(again, consistently throughout the league, not a select few players). That being said, when the NHL isn't active(aka, lockout), no other market can compete so their alternatives are pretty much non-existent. The longer they wait, the worse it becomes.

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