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Originally Posted by Whydidijoin View Post
Except yours in an opinion, and his is fact. Multiple other teams offered similar amounts, meaning that was his market value. You can argue that he isn't worth it or he sucks now all you want, but at the time, that was his market value.

Cherry also has no contact or knowledge of the situation. The people who are around Kadri every day know better than you. Cherry has been out of the game for a long, long time as well, and for good reason. He makes some good points, but his methods are outdated. People don't watch Don Cherry because he gives good hockey knowledge. They watch him because it's funny to see an old, senile man rant and rave. (dangnabbit, get off my lawn!)

It is not a GM's job to micromanage. Our coaches have not bad-mouthed our players in the media any more than other teams (or really at all), and that is saying something considering our media.

Once again, your opinion that Ashton is an AHL player (or that Aulie is not) is not supported by any facts. He did not play with good players towards the end, it was his first time in the NHL, and the entire team was in a free-fall.

And it is Burke's well-respected policy to give young players a taste of the NHL (not to mention that Ashton better fit the role that was being filled). That is why Ashton stayed up, and he showed glimpses.
You really can not stand the fact that my opinion differs with you and others.

As far as Burke micro managing......that is all he even admitted it in your posts when you state that Burke always likes to give young players a taste of the NHL....I thought that player decisions is the coaches.....

He also allowed coaches to undermine the goalie coach...with his micro manage he does.

Cherry know a lot more then you and others and has a good grasp of what is going on. Maybe if you listened you would learn some knowledge......he is senile .....supporting our troops like that...ranting about how our men give up their life's for Canada. He must be off his rocker. He called for Wilson's firing long before everyone did.....and now all of you Burke supporters are using Wilson as an excuse for the teams poor I guess that he is not at all as senile as you make him out to be.

Our coaches should never bad mouth their players in the Media.....I could not care less if other orgs do this or not.

Oh and I used facts when I stated that Komi had a NMC .....
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