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11-02-2012, 12:20 AM
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Organized lockout protests - Toronto

Do you guys think it'd be possible to gather enough hockey fans in Toronto and New York and stage (peaceful) protests outside the NHLPA and NHL's office one day? Of course this couldn't be a spur of the moment thing, it'd have to get media attention and enough people to want to do it for it to have any effect.

I mean I doubt it will actually have any bearing on the negotiations, but I think the message would be heard loud and clear by both sides. Thousands of angry hockey fans with inside out jerseys on (just an idea) on the Sportscenter in both countries would be an example of what we can do as fans.
The players especially need to know that the people are not all necessarily on their side as a lot of them seem to believe.

Anyone down? HF has the capability of getting things to go viral (see: Rory Fitzpatrick the all-star). These days with Twitter and Facebook its easy to spread the message.

All it would take would be one Facebook group where we all joined and invited our friends. Let guys like Mirtle, McKenzie and Wyshinski know to spread the word. Our date can be a key date before more cancellations are announced, maybe the end of this month.

I'm maybe getting a little too carried away here, but I really think there are enough upset hockey fans in those too cities (like myself) that we could get a really huge amount of people outside the offices.

We could also shamelessly promote HFBoards
I will now turn it to the masses to see what they think.

I'll start a Facebook group tomorrow afternoon and see how it goes.

Note: I've posted this thread in the main board, Rangers, Devils, Islanders and Leafs boards, in case not everyone reads the main board.

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