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11-02-2012, 12:21 AM
Bob E
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Well i'll start by saying, I'm predicting Buchko will be looking for a job in 2 yrs. Mack may not have 2 yrs.

The only announcement today that i actually didn't mind is Tim Burke as head coach. He's a quality football man who deserves an opportunity to start a season fresh with his own people and a complete staff. I do think he'll be better at managing a game, next year, and improve his game-day decisions with more experience in the job.

The other two clowns have caused this franchise to take steps backwards, instead of forwards. Our QB position is a mess, our Canadian talent is still thin, and we lack an impact player in most key positions on the team. Elite CFL teams have those elite players in key positions, we don't. Unless there is tremendous improvement in talent, a .500 season is only a dream, and not realistic.

Changes to the roster? Well, start with receiver. I realize we don't have a QB to consistently get them the ball, but who is our go-to receiver of the future? The guy that finds a way to get open on 2nd and 7 or 3rd and 8, when we need a first down with the game on the line and the other team knows he's our guy? Edwards? Meh, nearing retirement. Matthews? Maybe. But I'm talking a W Dressler, G Simon, F Stamps, N Lewis, or J Richardson-type guy? For the record, Hamilton doesn't have one either (unless you believe Fantuz is that guy) and that's one reason why we may pass them in the standings with a win vs. the Als.

Who is our playmaker on D? Exactly. There is so much improvement needed to the talent on this team, it's mind-boggling. Mack has done a very poor job of maintaining a Grey Cup calibre team. He hasn't filled the holes he's created, other than Matthews for Carr and Simpson for Garrett. But US receivers and RB's are plentiful.

It's his willingness to allow key positions and leadership to leave without replacing them. So either he doesn't recognize how important having those players in key positions are to winning, or the BoD would rather he saves the $$ and not bring them in (as they cost more in salary). This off-season will be very interesting. If Mack continues to fumble his moves during this off-season without a 'load up to win now' type approach, he is completely incompetent and so is Buchko for bringing him back. We'll find out soon. I'm predicting a complete failure again this off-season.

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