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Originally Posted by newfy View Post
Fact of the matter is you can go on about stats all you want but all that post about the stats did showed who actually watches the games and who doesnt. SO when Eva is going on about Tatar we know he didnt actually watch him play or else he would see Nyquist has still been better
My comment was simply related to statistical pace. It didn't say "Tatar is better, he has more points right now."

Originally Posted by fabricoh View Post
This has been my take so I am glad to hear you have the same opinion. Tatar had a nice stretch when he first made it to the A but he's never had the consistency you'd like to see. It's also interesting that he's suddenly started producing with Nyquist as his linemate.
Maybe he's developing as he gets older? What would Nyquist have done in the A in 2009-10? Would he have done as well as Tatar did last year?

The same thing happened with Jiri Hudler, for some strange coincidence he always produced at a higher level when he was on Val Filppula's line.

I wonder why that would be?
That's a strange coincidence... Filppula always did better when he was playing with Hudler.

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