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11-02-2012, 01:38 AM
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Trade Help

So I'm currently sitting at 5-3, leading my division and should easily make the playoffs. My starting roster looks like this currently (we use IDP, so I'm not bothering listing those):

QB D. Brees
RB D. McFadden
RB S. Ridley
WR J. Nelson
WR M. Colston
WR A. Brown
TE H. Miller

I'm starting to look at the playoff run, and realizing that my weakest position at the moment is RB. McFadden's underperformed, and Ridley is hit or miss. I've won a few games on the backs of Brees and Colston so far.

I've picked up Woodhead as a bit of a handcuff to Ridley, and since I'm in a PPR league, he has some value there.

Anyways, I figure I have value in Brees (top player in the league this year), and if I could get a stud Running Back in return, it may be worth sacrificing some of Brees's numbers.

One of the other owners is ranked 2nd in Rushing, but 2nd to last in QB. Thinking we could do something like this:

QB Brees
RB Ridley


QB Newton
RB Peterson

Now since we're in an Auction/Salary Cap league, we'd have to balance the numbers a bit, such as below:

QB Brees
RB Ridley
WR Brown
TE Miller


QB Newton
RB Peterson
WR Young
TE Davis

He gets an immediate boost at QB. He does lose at RB a bit, but the point difference is less than he's gaining with Brees. The WRs and TE's are close enough in production that it's really just there to balance salary numbers.

What do you think?

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