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11-02-2012, 01:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Wheatking View Post
I'm in the minority but I don't think he should go. He'd be a professional playing in a junior tournament. There are other deserving 18/19 year old Canadians that are capable of carrying the load. For a lot of young players, this tournament is their coming out party.

Stamkos was struggling at the start of his rookie season. What if Tampa had sent him to the World Juniors? Would Eberle have even been on the ice to score that goal against the Russians in 2009? Even if you think the answer is yes, I'm sure you can see my point. It's an opportunity to be a household name for a couple weeks and see how you stack up against the best in your age group. If RNH is on the team, everyone gets bumped down. Huberdeau becomes the 2nd line center. A guy like Scheifele is more than capable of being the team's 2nd line center. Instead he'll be in the same checking role he was in last year. RNH is an NHLer and these guys deserve a chance to be Canada's go to players.

I don't want to sound too cocky but we're Canada and we don't need RNH to win the gold. Let the junior stars have the spotlight.
I bet you that the majority of the players in the WJC play pro hockey and not Junior. Almost all of the teams from overseas are made up of pro players.

So what your saying is that Colin Fraser would have been a better NHL player if he would have had a larger role in the 2005 WJC?

Eberle's game tying goal is what we remember him for in the 2009 WJC but that's not what made him a good hockey player. If he was on the bench for that moment he is still one of the Oilers best players today. If you are picking the team based on who you think need to play in the tournament more to build their draft stock or what ever then you are picking the team wrong. Hockey Canada has 1 goal and 1 goal only, and that's to win. If they think RNH will help them win then they will take him, and should.

You don't sound cocky, you sound ignorant. Canada is never a lock to win this tournament. Look at last year, Bronze.

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