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Originally Posted by diceman934 View Post
Please provide a link to support all your opinions....I mean facts.

I posted that Komi signing was a poor decision .....and I believe that not many people would disagree with me. He is over paid in my opinion. Burke I signed Komi for his toughness as he wanted a tough team yet he kept a coach who did not share the same philosophy....sure makes sense to me. Remember I was responding to the post that stated Burke only made one mistake and I simply pointed out others.

Liles was not a discount ......again you are not following your opinion opinion of market value posted in the Komi opinion of yours. Please at least stay consistent. Why would a GM sign a player to a contract while still not back in the line up while out with a concussion? A smart GM would wait until he is back healthy to see if he was at least capable of playing at the same level. One more thing....Liles can state that it was a discount all he wants but he did not get any other offers because if he did it would have been tampering as he was under contract. So he got market issue with this signing is that we do not need him. He is a soft puck moving D man.....who can play the PP.....Gardiner should take that role.....he is younger and better and it will only aid in his over all development.

I have posted the reason why Aulie was traded in other no need to rehash it here other then to say as I did that it was poor asset management.

Gardiner's development had nothing to do with this would have made him our 7th best D man.....and he simply was not.

As far as Kadri being ready....I told you it is my opinion that he have no proof that he was not ready, but this has not stopped you from stating it as a fact.

You seem to think you opinions are facts and I do not see any facts at all....only opinions.

Just to refresh here is the post that I wrote....and why

Originally Posted by theremedial View Post
BURKE is a great GM who made one mistake...Ron Wilson
Which one of the following do you not think are mistakes:

Exelby- Pavel Kubina& Tim Stapleton, For Garnet Exelby &Colin Stuart
Lol you really grasp at straws. It's actually hard to believe that you post random blurbs what you think and say they are facts...

Wilson's choice was to go run & gun.. No one knows why. He didn't have the personel to do it and it was obvious Burke didn't want to do this with the signings of Beauchemin & Komisarek. Yes, the coach and the GM weren't on the same page but that doesn't mean you go out of your way to throw the player under the bus. When Komisarek signed at the time, again, I'll explain this to you. He got fair market value, WHEN HE WAS SIGNED. Sure in hindsight we can say it was a mistake because he hasn't produced anything but assists for the other team, but at the time, he was fair market value and he was a good, shut down defenseman, with leadership who was supposedly going to be named Montreal's captain. If adding him into the dressing room alone on a young squad doesn't help.. Not sure what else you want from Komisarek. Then for Wilson to have to audacity to throw him to the wolves, and play him in an offensive system is just ridiculous. Burke was far too committed to Wilson. Everyone knows this. But don't take away from the players. Reason for Komisarek: Provide leadership on the back-end, bring toughness, and shut down opposing players. (Thrown to the wolves by Wilson, improvement expected with Carlyle)

Last time I checked, we need more then 1 defenseman for the PP. Liles, Phaneuf, Gardiner, and Franson. That's 4. That takes up the PP. Who do you put there if Liles isn't there? Who gets the puck out of the zone? Who makes the end to end rushes? Not only that but when it comes playoff time, who can speak up in the locker room to say they've been there before? Concussion or not Liles can speak up. Sure the concussion is a negative but that doesn't mean he is done playing the game of hockey. Yes, he finished the season off weak, but he was just returning from injury. We missed Liles a lot when he was out, and he was a big part of this team. Gardiner is not ready for the minutes that Liles played. Reason for having Liles: Stop gap until Gardiner is ready for the big minutes of the NHL.

Again, Aulie was dealt from a position of strength (defense) and addresssed a position of weakness (weakness & high end forward prospects). People were raving about Ashton, his size and offensive ability before he came to Toronto. Just because he comes here, people write him off because he again, is thrown to the wolves.. Yes, it's not hard to see that Ashton isn't ready for the NHL minutes, but that doesn't mean he's done developing. Another reason to have a stop gap, enter Matthew Lombardi, Colby Armstrong, Tim Connolly.

The last three of the group are my favourite because you continue to avoid the actual reason they were brought in. Management (not Don Cherry..) felt that Kadri plus others were not ready for full-time NHL duty. (This includes everyones favourite Dallas Eakins). Colby Armstrong was brought in to provide again, leadership for a young squad, grind other teams and be a pest. He did his job, however, injuries got in the way. He was loved in the dressing room, loved by the fans, and we could only have hoped he had a better run here in terms of health. Connolly was our 2nd option for #1 centre coming out of the season. With Brad Richards being the big prize, everyone knew the Leafs needed to get a good centre. No one can argue that. People knew Kadri wasn't ready or else we wouldn't have been in Richards. No one knew Connolly would be this bad, if he were healthy. I'm not sure how you can say that Kadri's development is hindered by Connolly being here when Connolly has been playing third line minutes, which Kadri wouldn't even be playing. Reason for Connolly, Lombardi, Armstrong: Stop gap until Kadri + other prospects are ready for NHL minutes.

Just because players aren't ready to play in the NHL and you want to rush them to play in the league doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. You have professional opinion from people who work with these players day-in, day-out. Not a guy who sits and watches the game from his couch just like us.

Franson defintely faulted from Gardiner being better then we thought. With Gardiner in the line-up Franson didn't really fit in, in terms of which side of the ice he plays on. Pretty sure Franson plays the left side just like Liles, Gunnarsson and Gardiner did last year.

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