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Originally Posted by danccchan View Post
Well, you made quite an absolute statement saying the word "shocked" because personally, I think there is some quality forwards in the WHL this year. Top 10 talent, maybe not, but there are plenty of guys that have the potential of being very good role players.
It's not exactly absolute to say I would be shocked. It's just my opinion, I didn't tell anybody to take it as gospel. Just seems like one of those drafts to me. I might revise my statement to say I'd be shocked if more one player outside the first round turned into a legit NHLer, I might lean more towards that.

I just looked quickly through 2003-2007 drafts for WHL forwards outside the 1st round and these were the results for impact players (players that could be everyday players on any team in the league, no healthy scratch/tweener guys): It's seems not entirely unusual to have only 1 player outside the first round from the WHL become a legit player, don't think it's completely out of the question to suggest this. I was probably out of line saying zero players, but I think 1 is an OK number to bet on. 2004 seems like an anomaly especially considering the quality of players produced compared to other years.

2003 - Colin Fraser, Macarthur, Nate Thompson, Brodziak
2004 - Comeau, Dubinsky, Boyd, Versteeg, Brouwer
2005 - Darren Helm
2006- Lucic, Dorsett
2007 - Dwight King

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