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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
I agree with you. I have less respect for players complaining than those who actually retire. I mean, if it's not your thing and you can better, by all means, go ahead. If its highly profitable for you and you enjoy doing it then why complain? It applies to other people as well. When people go around in a company saying "I hate this place" and "X company pays more and has better benefits!"...well then **** and go.

The NHL has been pretty quiet in regards to this but the players have complained about management the entire time. Look, we don't care. We understand you want a better deal and that's good for you, nothing wrong with that but stop trying to play the victim card because although you are getting pushed around a bit, we honestly would kill to be in your spot. It's kind of the equivalent of me winning 50 million in a lottery and due to a new policy I can only claim 90% of it. Sure, i'll be upset I lost 5 million but as for as situation goes, this exemplifies the "first world problems" meme.

Deal with it in court or negotiations and that's that. Right now whoever talks the most is losing the most PR. Honestly fed up of hearing it. We have brains, we get it. Both sides are being ridiculous but at least I don't have to hear Molson, Jacobs or whoever say "It's the principle" "we want a fair deal" and any other cliche statement.
That's because Gary Bettman has a gag order on the owners, and anybody connected with management. They are not allowed to speak about the lockout without Gary's permission, and if they do they face significant fines. Like, millions of dollars type fines. Hell, Jimmy Delvanno agreed with the owners and he was fined $250,000.

Trust me, if there was no gag order we'd be hearing all kinds of smack talk from the owner side too. Not necessarily from guys like Molson, but the underlings, the VPs, the minority owners... you'd hear a lot. And vice versa; if the NHLPA put a gag order on the players, said "you're automatically out of the union if you tweet or say anything that isn't approved by Donald Fehr" then I guarantee you we wouldn't be hearing anything from that side either.

As for the victim card, and your lottery analogy, isn't that what the owners are doing? We're talking about billionaires here, who want to recuperate the nickels and dimes (comparatively speaking) that they are losing on their hockey teams, money that they will almost certainly get back once they sell their franchises. Do the math, compare an owner's personal wealth with the amount he is losing on his team, and then compare that on a percentage basis with a "Regular Joe." It's nothing to them. Less than what you and I would pay to actually go to a game or two. Doesn't mean that they don't have the right to try and fix it, but like the players they certainly don't need it, and the hammer they are using to crush this flea is hitting a lot of other people in the process. Like the bar owners, parking lot attendants and all those other people that are losing real money because of this.

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