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11-02-2012, 07:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Iain Fyffe View Post
When you say your biggest hangup with the system is that too many people use it as the final answer, that means the problem is that too many people don't understand the limitations and the purpose of the system. No system of analysis will be perfect, but you have to understand the system you're using.

That some people don't understand the limitations of the system is not in itself a flaw in the system. Any such system will have limitations.
Doesn't have to be an either/or, it could also be both.

Don't get bogged down in the details. Notice I said "not as ridiculous" as you might think, not "obviously correct".

Edit: Although, if you look at their points in these years as a % of the 2nd-highest scorer in the league, Bourque has the biggest season (1987), but Lidstrom isn't really far behind as a whole, achieving a value of .60 or higher the same number of times as Bourque, in fewer seasons.
Not that I want to sidetrack this discussion any further with more of your smoke and mirrors but...
Why don't you go right ahead and provide everyone with the names of these second place scorers that you're basing this off of, so we can all put some context into that comparison as well

I wonder if the names Gretzky, Lemieux, Hull, Bossy or <insert teammate of Gretzky> would have any bearing on what % of the 2nd place points Bourque produced

Lets move on.

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