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11-02-2012, 08:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Rowdy Roddy Peeper View Post
No, Crosby didn't "stink". If that's what you believe, then it's pretty clear our views are too far apart to reconcile. You don't stink if you score 8 points in 6 games and win 55% of your face-offs. He was "good" when the standard is "best in the world".

And as I pointed out (and you conveniently ignored), not only did Crosby produce better than any NHLer in the regular season, but he also did it in spite of just coming back from a 1.5 year absence. Conversely, Orpik was inconsistent all last year, and had not just come back after a potentially career-ending concussion.

My criticism of Orpik involves his poor play in the playoffs last year, but isn't dependent solely on it. He hasn't been "2009 playoffs" Orpik for some time.
He stunk on defense, you are right, he did score, but he was head to head with Giroux who scored countless times because of Crosby's blown coverage.

I didn't ignore anything you said, it just isn't relevant to what I was pointing out and that is that Orpik is a proven player just like Crosby is, he was asked to play a different type of game than he used to play just as Crosby was asked to defend against one of the best offensuive players in the world. Neither of them were in a position that played to their strengths. Why is Orpik the guy who is getting blame while Crosby escapes blame because as far as I see, Crosby is a much bigger and more important part of the team and was every bit as responsible for their playoff loss as anyone else, actually, a lot more responsible just as he is for their wins most of the time.

I am not saying Crosby stinks all the time, but he had an incredibly bad playoff series defensively against Philly. The point is that Orpik shouldn't be discarded for an off year especially when the Penguins really lack what he brings to the game, you seem to be having a hard time with that concept because I brought up Crosby's performance as a comparision.

I have watched Orpik since before he was even drafted, he is what he is. He isn't going to get you a scoring wing or a great prospect in trade. I think his best use is as a veteran #3-4 d-man, the kind of guy every team needs to win and there would be an awful lot of takers for him at the right price, but if you want a scoring wing for him you are going to have to include something substantial especially when you consider that Orpik is probably a little overpaid.

I was also trying to point out how ridiculous it is for the Penguins to trade defense for offense. It is the exact opposite of what they really need.

They improved the goaltending in the off season, the only place left is the D. The Penguins are already the best scoring team in the league, it isn't an area they need to improve at.

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