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11-02-2012, 08:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Jet Oil View Post
Trust me, I've got a man-crush on Bogosian too. I'm one of those Jets fans that want to see him stick around for a long time. All I'm saying is Yakupov is the kind of player that might be worth the gamble.

5 years down the road, when Bogo is a very solid #2 dman on a team that has Enstrom, Byfuglien, Trouba, Postma, and Stuart for support, defense will be the last of Winnipeg's worries. At that point, looking back, maybe trading him for a 40-50 goal scorer would look like it was a good idea. The Jets would still boast a defense in the top half of the league, while having some firepower at forward that could actually get them into the playoffs.

Almost any other player and I agree Bogo is untouchable, it needs to be someone that can be the future of the franchise.
Pretty decent thread until it became just about Bogosian and Yakupov.

I understand your thought process here Jet Oil, I think when I try to look 5 years into the future though, I'm a little more worried about the Jets D then the forwards. Of course anything can happen from now to then (trades, Free Agents, etc), but in 5 years I don't think Buff is going to be on the top pairing.

Again, not knowing what other transactions may happen, I could see Enstrom, Bogo, and Trouba as the top 3, with Buff getting much more sheltered minutes and PP time. Without Bogo in the mix, I think the Jets are taking a huge gamble that A) Buff will be able to improve and stay on the top pair for years to come, and that B) one or more D in the organization, VASTLY overachieve (like a Redmond, Postma, Melchirori) to pick up the slack.

In 5 years, while not world beaters, I think our forwards should be in better shape than the D, especially if we lost Bogo. Kane, Wheeler, Ladd, Little, Burmistrov, and Scheifele should be the top 6, with guys like Telegin, Cormier, Lowry, Klingberg, Machacek, Kosmachuk, Sutter, and Olsen on the bottom 6.

Certainly adding Yakupov to that mix makes it a while lot better, but the question is, does adding Yakupov at the cost of Bogosian make the Jets better? You say yes, I'm worried that our defensive depth isn't capable of handling that trade and say no.

Value wise I think it's a good trade. And yes, in 5 years if Yakupov has multiple 50+ goal seasons it could be a trade that Jets ownership wishes they made in hindsight.

Didn't the Oilers have a chance to trade Comrie for Perry (or something to that affect), at one point?

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