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11-02-2012, 09:13 AM
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****in right.

I don't give a hoot either what armchair G.Ms around here think, if he's available he should play.

The main focus should be on doing whatever is necessary to beat our dastardly and sickening opponents.Like you said, Russia doesn't care if Yakupov is tearing up the KHL, they just want to be able to beat teams like Canada, a task which becomes almost impossible for them if they don't take every best available player they have.

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Hmmm! I wonder if the Russians are having the same discussion re: Yakupov? I mean he's dominating in a league that some would argue (not me ) but some would argue is better than the AHL, doing much better from a statistical perspective than RNH, yet I don't read or hear Russians bellyaching oh, the World Juniors will be a step down in competition for him, how can it help him become a better player....and all the other BLAH BLAH BS excuses from Canadians playing armchair GM.

RNH is 19 years old, a junior age player, and if not busy in the NHL he goes to play for his country, end of story!!! and if RNH doesn't stand up and say, hell ya I want a shot at a gold for Canada, then I'll be awfully disappointed...
Enough with the micromanaging, he should play! No ifs and ors or buts about it.

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