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Originally Posted by RobinDIF View Post
What is wrong with him? Why wasn't he drafted? Why was he shipped around in the OHL between three teams? Why did San Jose give him up for NOTHING? Somethings gotta be wrong with him? What?!

This is sucha mystery to me. If someone could please explain it, then please go ahead..
Not really, these things happen quite often. Tanner Pearson was passed over twice in the NHL draft until he became a first round pick this past June. (30th - LA)

Sgarbossa went undrafted in 2010 after putting up 52 pts in 67 games with Barrie and Saginaw. Then he was invited to the Sharks camp and signed to a contract based on his performance, so it's not like he kept getting passed over.

Why was he overlooked? Scouts probably thought he was too small or that his offensive game wouldn't translate to the pros. (wrong)

Why was he given up by the Sharks for nothing? (well Galiardi, Winnik and a pick) Well, it's starting to look more and more like a panic move by the Sharks and a big mistake.

There are A LOT of players who put up big points in the CHL and then turn pro and struggle early on with a more competitive league and experienced players. Usually these players will put up less numbers to begin the season and then turn it up in the 2nd half of their first season or in their 2nd second depending on how long it takes them to adapt to the new speed of the game. That hasn't been the case with Sgarbossa, not even close.

Each time I've seen him with the Monsters, he's shown me that he's one of the better creative players on the ice. Just the fact that he's producing at close to a PPG this early is truly impressive and signs that he's going to be a player.

He is going to need to get stronger physically though and make sure to stay healthy as he's taken more than one nasty hit already so far this season.

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