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11-02-2012, 10:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Hamilton Tigers View Post
Got it. Increased revenue is bad, so forget about teams that can make a healthy profit.

Marginally profitable or break even teams are more desirable.

Phoenix's soultion? Move the Leafs to Atlanta. Cap will decrease, all problems solved.
Perversely, under the current way of arriving at the % of HRR which is to take the mean of the HRR number, yes. Markets that make far more money than they can spend under the cap are bad for teams that struggle with making payroll. There are many more teams near the bottom of the revenue barrel than teams at the top. Less revenue from two or three teams at the top actually becomes profit for more teams in the middle because with linked salaries it means that every team will spend less and they can turn a, small, profit on their income. Changing to a median figure means that the salary figures will move with the middle of the league rather than being tied to TOR, MTL and NYR making 80% (or there about) of the profit of the entire league and skewing the mean revenue figures up.

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