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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
What if the Kalmer Union never had been dissolved. Then we would have had Denmark (including Slesvig/Holsten)-Norway-Sweden-Finland playing hockey as one team in Copenhagen!
Try this for size:
So that country would have dominated so many winter sports easily (Norway has already the most Winter Olympic medals, actually they have most of each color, Finland and Sweden are on the Top 10 list too), probably even Hockey today, and it would be one of the best soccer countries too, And Elitserien both Hockey & Soccer would be ****ing awesome, maybe if that country would still exist today there wouldn't be KHL or at least it wouldn't be the 2nd best hockey league in the world but Elitserien of the Kalmar Union.

It would be a darn good at Summer Olympics too.

But Kalmar Union does bring up more questions, what would have happened in WW2? Finland would have never started a war with Soviet Union because there wouldn't have been a reason to get independence, at least not from Soviet Union, Would there still been war with Soviet's or would German's VS Kalmar? I mean that's a pretty ****ing big country out there so none of these wars might have happened OR even Sweden would have had to join the fight.

But enough of WW2 let's concentrate on sports, especially hockey.

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