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11-02-2012, 10:21 AM
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Originally Posted by live playoff hockey View Post
Schneider posts nearly identical stats as Rask and better numbers than him in the playoffs. Before the argument of sample size comes up, Rask has played less than half of the games Quick has where as Schneider has over half the game Rask has. He is in the same tier as Cory and Bernier, not price and quick.
There is certainly an argument to be made that Rask and Price are in the same tier.

Ignoring the Tuuka/Price comparison, which is irrelevant for projecting 5 years down the road when both goalies have a big enough sample size, Tuuka has a .926% and a 2.20 GAA with a 102 game sample size. Wouldnt u say a 25 year old with a 102 game sample size with those great numbers has the potential to be one of the best goalies in the league? I certainly think so. Same with Corey...he has nearly identical stats to Tuuka with a decent sample size as well.

When the question of "who will have the best goaltending in 5 years" comes up, you need to have some basis for projecting, and Tuukas stat line/age thus far in his career suggests he coudl be one of the best goalies in the league.

At this point I do think Price/Quick are above Tuuka, but with both Tuukas/Coreys stats and age you could certainly make an argument that theyd be on the same level as soon as next year. Look at Quick in 2010-2011, very good year, but Rask blew him out of the water in 2009-2010 albeit with some less games.

It is my opinion that if a goalie has had success with a large enough sample size, you could feasibly make any argument you want. An argument based largely on personal preference, but again, how many people thought Quick was going to be the best goalie in the league before last year began? I'd guess he was likely the "lower tier behind Price" as well, right?

With my opinion as it is, I would also like to say projecting any goalie that far in the future isn't worth it. This from a huge Raycroft supporter back in the day . I also recognize its a lockout, and my seemingly endless post is a perfect example of the current state of these boards.

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