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11-02-2012, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by MoneyGuy View Post
So we're the ugly girl who takes delight knowing that we're not the ugliest girl in the class. Good for us.
We're a few pts and close games and injuries away from an opposite win/loss record and you know this. I'll take it. I've said all year, and so have you, that the personnel on this team for the most part is not a problem and if only we ever get healthy. With Howard alone injected back into a game this is a way different team. Personnel wise we're way better than Hamilton or Winnipeg and we're arguably a better team then The Argos, Stamps, and Riders have been this year. None of those clubs have been hampered by injury to the degree we have.

Originally Posted by PACKY D ELEPHANT View Post
Why would anybody be pissed. This is like the ultimate showdown now, we should of all known it would come down to this, Tillman versus Ray.

PDO versus Replacement.

Start taking your bets!!

Well, we still could end up playing the Stamps in the Western semifinal. Who knows?

In anycase re: Tillman but people can say what they want but with our massive injury problems theres no way we get the two most recent wins with at least half our starting D shelved. Some kudos have to happen for the way this guy has stocked the shelf this year. He's essentially had to build two complete rosters.

How would the other GM in town manage something like this? Tambo wouldn't stock a fly on a cupboard if we had 4 starting D with broken legs.

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