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11-02-2012, 11:22 AM
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Originally Posted by hockeydoug View Post
I don't post in the BOH section often, but I've seen some interesting topics and thoughts in there.

I believe most of the issue is just with the business model chosen by the owners. It seems that there is no common model when it comes to owners and how they deal with capital expenditures, labor, buying/selling of service contracts, etc. Anyway, I don't think cost cutting is always a top priority, some franchises/businesses haven't cut costs so that they can keep an infrastructure in place to resume business as soon as things get back to some sort of norm.

I'm sure all businesses look for savings, but many of the current owners have been doing the opposite of cost-saving measures even though they knew a stoppage was likely the for the last 2 years.

Too many owners don't rely on their hockey operations for profit in a given year, many have been more concerned with the appreciation of their asset for a given timeline, or they just gamble with it. There has to be 8 or more owners (I think about 12 groups right now) that aren't bluffing right now, so I'm not sure the players are calling anybody's bluff.

Almost everybody, including myself, likes the idea of the "little guy" coming out ahead, but I'm not sure it's really possible in the NHL. I really thought enough of the owners in the Jacobs camp (squeeze labor and profit every year regardless of performance) or the hard "numbers-only" types were out of the league to the point that the other owners focused on growing their brands and the league would steer the CBA negotiations. It appears that isn't the case and that the owners are not bluffing in my opinion.
I mean call the bluff in the sense that cutting a bit more off the players share to decrease payroll a bit isn't going to fix the huge gap in ticket sales/prices and popularity for the southern teams. Sure, out of 30 there will always be a few bad apples, but there is certainly a trend in the league's current problem. That's what's pathetic and it has nothing to do with the players.

I want to see the league actually make a serious effort in the south rather than just trying to cut payroll.

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