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11-02-2012, 11:35 AM
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Do you really think there is a PR battle. I truly dont think either side cares what we think. All Canadians will come back to the sport and most US fans.

The lockout is a joke right now and the players have lost.

They have admitted 50/50 is the right thing to do, their proposals all go towards that. They greedily are trying to hold on to extra money for the next few years.
Where is the principle to that ? They say uphold the contracts, but all contracts have a " subject to new CBA revision" clause. So, if 50/50 requires a rollback, that actually is consistent with their current contracts.

Where are the players morally on this spot ? Nowhere.

The owners know they have won as the NHLPA has already conceded to 50/50. They will holdout until the players agree to do the right thing immediately or very, very close to immediately.

It really is OVER, its just when the players will admit defeat and get on with it if they can suffer earning 87.5 % of what they earned before. Its all about the players egos and admitting defeat.

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