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11-02-2012, 11:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Grind View Post
Not an assassins creed fan. None of them really felt like I was an assassin and really did not like the " 'merica" story line of the last game. I mean really, you can't even make an Assassin game about something other then america or an obvious homage to it? Sorry maybe I'm being snobby but it really felt like there was a good story, then someone took it to a focus group and came back with "make it more....American"

I loved dragon age origins. Probably still my favorite game.

DA2 was OK once I stopped wishing it was DAO.

Mass effect two was fun but it kept reminding me of how DA2 failed.

Was really disappointed with halo after the first one. Other games evolved and brought in new mechanics (gears of war was probably the first shooter I really fell in love with) while the Halo franchise just changed graphics and guns.

Currently I play skyrim, DA2 (a little) and a whole lot of NHL. I keep looking for new games but nothing really grabs my attention.

I'd love an assassins creed type game if the story was less propagandish and it was more assassin (ie like old schoolThief or those ninja games for PS.. not ninjagaiden the other ones...)
I literally have NO idea what you are talking's set in Italy during the renaissance, it has nothing to do with America? And Ubisoft in Montreal put out both games, they did not get bought out, they did not get picked up, in fact the first AC was a HUGE release with years of hype, if anything that was the bigger release.

I mean I could see if you were complaining about AC3 which is set in America during the Revolution, but even then it's just the setting for the game, same as Renaissance Italy and Middle Age Middle East before that, not sure what is propagandaish about it at all. The second game naturally picks up the storyline from the first, it is one of the absolute best in the gaming world, then continues it on to Brotherhood and Revelations to arrive where we are now in AC3. There has been absolutely nothing to do with America until AC3. Can you explain where you thought the story line had anything to do America?

Halo evolved just as much as other games did. Gears of War is easily my favourite first person shooter ever, (Halo is 2nd) but it evolved from 1-3 about as much as Halo did. You can't expect a series to go away from what makes it what it is, that would just alienate the current fanbase.

Dragon Age was solid. Played Origins for a while, but just ran out of time never completed it. Will go back to it someday when I have time

Skyrim was awesome as well, but I just never seemed to have time to finish that game. Plus is felt like Fallout so much. If I could do nothing with my life I would lock myself in a room with all these games and play, I think I'd be content enough

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