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11-02-2012, 12:13 PM
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Originally Posted by shai04 View Post
Absolutely not.

Junior is for Junior players.

Why would we put him into a tournament with inferior teammates and opposition? He needs to be working on a good pro game, not padding his junior resume.

Reinforcing old habits, and the "it works in junior" play style will have a negative impact on RNH.

He is already on Team Canada's radar. That argument does not hold water either. Junior play will not be the deciding factor in a roster spot, being on a line with two other candidates will be. Ask the SJ Sharks how that process works.

Its about what is good for the Edmonton Oilers. Not the fans. And certainly not RNH's trophy case.
I'm not going to be upset if he plays in the WJC. I want to be able to watch him on TV if there is no NHL. But I don't think he needs a WJC medal to fit in. The kid is money.

The only argument for him playing there in terms of development is to get some leadership experience. But I'll argue that he's getting exactly that in OKC right now too.

Sure there is intensity in the WJC. But I think learning how to play with intensity every night, when intensity isn't built into the situation is a valuable skill too. Great players need to be great in road games on cold nights in January when nobody wants to be there.

If he goes, fine. But I don't think his career needs it.

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