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11-02-2012, 12:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Grind View Post
I think it was the whole weird "modern western guy doing weird science to relive his ancient historic ancesters life as an assassin" and the weird co-vert government ****. Am I thinking of the right game? I just really thought the game would have been better if you were just an assassin, not a modern dude dreaming about being an assassin or w/e that was.

I'm completely aware of AC's history and the fanfare the original and follow up were released to. The other stuff was a reference to what happens to alot of games, i did not mean to imply that's what happened to AC.

I know AC was big and wasn't picked up or bought out or anything, i just meant the Story/style of the game, to me, FELT like one of those games, where the original intention/story had been altered to appeal to a broader market.

Am i even thinking of the right game? you have me second guessing myself....

and i concur that if i didn't currently have a girlfriend, i would probably never get one as i'd be far too busy playing games
Yeah your thinking of the right game, Lynk posted a "review of AC in 5 mins" up there you can check out if you want if you've got 5 minutes...

I personally like that aspect of the storyline, it's what makes moving era to era possible and makes the storyline with "The Ones Who Came Before" possible. That's possibly the best part about AC, IMO, is the back story of the "First Ones", the coming apocalypse, Subject 16's secret video, pieces of Eden, all the fluff about abstergo's current movements, things like that, I love all the backstory the put into it. Doesn't feel forced or changed at all to me, not with the level of backstory involved, and the way all of this stuff ties in to the current time is awesome, much better than doing random ultimately pointless assassinations in the past, IMO. But jmo...

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